We are solutionaries.  Professionals with a passion for social change and world-class training & skills uniquely seasoned with deep, grassroots community experience.




With more than a decade of corporate management consulting under our belt, AXIL brings the highest quality consulting skills - strategy, project management, communications, data analysis - to each engagement.

community ENGAGEMENT

We know that even the best solutions will not thrive without community investment.  Community engagement is one of our core values and we have deep experience generating community engagement to bring lasting solutions to life.


ART + design

Solutions don't just magically appear, they are mindfully designed.  Our solutionaries infuse design principles into every project and specialize in urban design, neighborhood planning and public art installations.  .

Aquaponics Policy for Chicago Public Schools


Drafted the first-ever Aquaponics Policy for Chicago Public Schools.  Detailed the programmatic, technical, and regulatory requirements to develop effective, educational and engaging aquaponics classrooms and laboratories.  Created a roadmap for transforming vacant classrooms into STE[A+]M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Agriculture + Architecture and Math) Labs.



Creating tools for healthy partnerships.


Engaged to develop a framework and tools for identifying, cultivating, and maintaining healthy partnerships.  Delivered a portfolio of surveys, reference tools and templates to support Hive Chicago members and affiliates.  Consulted on the development of a web portal to enable easy access to the Healthy Partnership Toolkit.



Public Art Installation at the CTA 63rd Street Red Line Station


Selected by CTA to design art that celebrates the rebirth and renaissance of the Englewood community on Chicago's South side.  Created by artist team of Emmanuel Pratt and Olalekan Jeyifous, the anodized aluminum and vinyl murals are intended to provide a framework for an ongoing conversation about positive actions within and beyond the neighborhood and to open opportunities for dialogue about the future.